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Dimmerswitch wrote:
Anyone who has played Team Fortress 2 on the Gamers With Jobs servers is probably well-acquainted with tboon. He's the pyro with the skull mask, cackling with glee and scolding "Check Yer Six" as he sets your teammates on fire. He's probably behind you right now.


For someone responsible for so many gruesome (albeit pixellated) deaths, tboon is surprisingly well-liked. I blame his genuine friendliness and affable nature, against which even the coldest of hearts stands no chance.

Tboon is one of the first Goodjers I knew well enough to count as a friend. Anyone who's played games with him is well-aware that tboon's a great teammate, and he manages to make a surprising amount of time for gaming, in between going to swim meets to support his kids, working as a talented-but-underappreciated developer, and general kickassery.

I look forward to making it up to the Capitol Wasteland one of my next visits east, to hang out with tboon in person and meet the rest of the Boon clan. If you get the chance, I'd recommend doing that, too.

Bonus Question:
Can you guess which GWJ thread comprised a surprisingly-high percentage of Tboon's first thousand posts to hit the tagging threshold? Hint: it's not any of the TF2 ones.

It's here.

I know. Weird, right?

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