Let's Go Out to the Convention (2013 Edition)
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It's convention season again. Here in Seattle they're starting off with Emerald City Comicon. Pretty much every weekend between then and Labor Day, some place in this native land a large group of freaks and geeks are going to gather and celebrate whatever particular brand of geek/freakhood they practice. I'm a geek of the sort that attends conventions, and I help out at several. I have quite a bit of experience in nerd-herding.

We'll have GWJ-specific news and information here on the homepage as we get closer to some of the bigger goodjer draws, but there's a lot going on this summer. I have a few bits of general advice I'd like to toss out there for everyone heading off to one of these affairs.


  • Bandwidth of all forms will be at a premium. We're geeks. We have a lot of tech. When you concentrate that many electronic devices in one place, whatever internet or phone service feeds the area is bound to be stomped down into the bedrock. The PAXes in particular are a giant bandwidth-sucking pile of PCs, game consoles, phones, laptops, tablets, and hand-helds of all descriptions — and that's before you even get to what the attendees bring. The carriers do the best they can, but there are only so many towers and only so much wire under the street. Be patient and think ahead. There will be times you can't get through. Download useful things to your device's local memory, and check into other sources like your hotel's wireless.
  • Dressing for success here means planning for a long hike instead of a boardroom meeting. Rabbit's sartorial elegance aside, good shoes and a light backpack are in order to handle all the trekking up and down you're going to do in the course of a day.

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