Everyone else is happiest when I am most miserable
Posted by Troll Racials are Overpowered [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 March 2013, 7:00 am
Protip: if you want me to help you in WoW, run into me at the end of a long, stressful, miserable day.  You don't even need to ask for help, just be in my general proximity and have the slightest interaction and odds are, I'm going to spend an hour or two helping you with something or other.

The first time I found myself flying someone from Undercity to Blackrock Depths on my back, then swimming through lava, so they could make a smoking heart of the mountain.  For good measure we killed the emperor.  This originally was going to be a post of its own, but somehow it turned into a long, boring post that just sounded like me bragging about how great I am (I am pretty great, fyi).

The second time I ran a couple through Blackwing Lair.  It all began as these stories often do: I was selling sulfuron ingots in trade when someone whispered me. Usually these are jackasses saying how they can get them for 10% of what I'm asking, or free, or how people pay them to take them.  Eventually I just started being rude back.  In this case, the person was merely attempting to haggle, but I misread it and responded with "why do I care?"  Noticing my mistake, I send another tell, explaining that I'd misread and asking if we could start over without me being a jerk.  Well next thing you know they're wondering where to get plans for a sulfuron hammer and we're flying to Blackrock Depths.  Maybe I just like going there...

After a brief bar fight we were standing outside, and for reasons that I cannot remember, I decided to run them through BWL.  This took a non-trivial amount of time because strangely-enough, 86 hunters in greens are less effective than 90 paladins in epics.

Once is an accident.  Twice is coincidence.  Should I be expecting enemy action?

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