March 4 - March 8
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SimCity has been a hard beast to be excited about. As many are quick, and well within their rights to point out, EA's newest implementation of SimCity is a rose that comes with some sharp, metal thorns. Required internet connectivity at startup, smaller spaces to build, the promise of lots more stuff to buy in the long run, shared regions, save games on the cloud, and the inability to save, destroy and reload your city; this isn't your dad's SimCity.

All we need now is for nobody to be able to log in during the launch and I can practically write tomorrow's internet myself.

I've had my say on what I feel is the current inevitability of games with these kinds of "features" and I don't really have anything new to say about it. At this point, I've bought in so my time is pretty much just focused on wanting to play the game, which after watching several videos looks pretty good. So, SimCity goes down as my game of the week.

But, don't lose sight of Tomb Raider either, which has gotten some pretty good early buzz. A very different game than previous Tomb Raiders by all accounts, the origin story of Lara Croft portrays a very different person than the self-assured, hyper-confident, back-flipping heroine with her low-slung pistols and flowing pony tail. If the digital zen garden of SimCity doesn't do it for you, the Uncharted-style reboot of Tomb Raider may be a good choice.

Finally, in the annual first rite of spring, baseball returns to the console with MLB2k12 on most consoles and the latest version of The Show on PS3 and Vita.

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