March 11 - March 15
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Well, that certainly was a week, wasn't it? If you picked up SimCity last week, then odds are that you spent at least a part of the past seven days frowning angrily at your computer as it informed you that the $60 game you bought was unavailable to you. That's what I did on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then as things just seemed to get worse and worse, I did something that made my week so much better.

I switched to Tomb Raider.

I'll probably have more to say about Tomb Raider later in the week. I played it over four days in a furious whirlwind, SimCity forgotten while the reboot completely engrossed me. A solid nine or ten hour single player campaign that out-Uncharted Uncharted and found me genuinely invested in a character I'd never really connected with in the nineties. A game that just delivered over and over again, and left me in the last few minutes with genuine nerd chills as the payoff I had waited for was finally delivered.

This week ain't gonna be no slouch neither. All my attention will be firmly focused on Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. While I'm interested to see what the single player delivers, I have firm intentions turned toward getting soundly trounced in the multiplayer. I've been following the beta for a while now, watching the pros slap at one another occasionally in beta tournaments. I've seen the rise, fall and elmination of the Warhound (which was just a ridiculous unit). I have lusted at the thought of a having a spell as Protoss that could cover up enemy minerals, only to see that dream dashed against the rocks. I have watched the Swarm Host, and wept at the coming sadness it will bring me. I am ready. So, HotS -- as we StarCraft folk affectionately call it -- is my pick of the week.

If you are not prepared, however, there's always God of War: Ascension. It's not a game I've focused on closely, but God of War seems like a formula that would be difficult to ruin. Give me some swinging blades and giant god battles, and I'd probably be pretty happy. This is one I'll be watching to see what others think.

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