Betawatch: March 9 - 15, 2013
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Dragon-dragon-bo-bragon, banana-nana-fo-fragon.
If you can't get enough of dragons, you'll be happy to know that Dragon's Prophet will bring you all the dragons you could want when it starts closed beta next Tuesday. Seriously, it's like non-stop dragons. You can even check out the classes and starter areas now to get a little lead time on your upcoming dragon experience.

Dragons not so much your speed? You could always check out Scarlet Blade's current closed beta if you like women of improbable anatomy in ridiculous non-outfits. Or there's Gloria Victis' upcoming pre-alpha, although odds of getting in on that testing are rather low.

If none of the above tickles your fancy, you can always take a look at the full list of games we're keeping just past the break. As always, if a game has surreptitiously launched a cash shop without our being aware of it, feel free to let us know by mail or in the comments.

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