March 25 - March 29
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BioShock Infinite comes out tomorrow. I don't have anything more to say on that topic.

In fact, the temptation to just write that first sentence and call it a morning was nearly overwhelming, but as inconceivable as it may be to me, it's possible others of you are thinking about something else this week. For example, A new Army of Two comes out this week, as well as the newest version of Tiger Woods. There's also some movement on the Indie front with Machinarium hitting the Vita, Slender: The Arrival's release on PC and Terraria hitting XBLA and PSN.

It's just nice to be back in the swing of normalcy after a long weekend in Boston at PAX. I don't come home feeling quite as blown out as I normally do, more a happy, manageable exhausted. All three panels I had the honor to be associated with, I felt, went very well, though the GWJ panel will always be nearest and greatest in my heart. Jeff Green and Justin McElroy did exactly what they were supposed to do which is be funny and charming and the deserved stars of the show. And, of course, the reason to go to PAX is to meet or hang out again with all of you guys. As is often the case I didn't do that enough, but if you came up to me and said hi -- or in one case was instigated to tackle me lovingly from behind -- then thank you. Honestly, that's the stuff that makes my year.

For now, my next few days are all about decompression and obscene amounts of BioShock playtime.

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