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mah tank

I sometimes play World of Tanks, especially when I have little time to kill and I get a lil’ ‘saturated’ by DDO. By large it doesn’t happen that often so my WoT time is sporadic and in bursts (like a month) before I get tired of it.

If you think the PUG scene is bad in DDO you haven’t seen anything when it comes to WoT. And partly because in DDO you might have bad players doing stupid things – with a rez or two that can be fixed.

In a slog between 15 players on each side and half of them below average basic intelligence to play games like these, THAT will have consequences. Like the tank who let another one flank mine and shoot it 3-4 times in the rear – while doing nothing. That’s not just bad – it cost us the match since I was reducing their capping and when my tank blew up, his was ambushed and destroyed and none of our team could get there in time to reset the cap. In other words – we lost. Had it been me I would’ve destroyed anyone flanking us so we could win. You can call it situational awareness or 3 dimensional thinking.

But at least I had a good match last night and it’s with the tank in the image above. The T110E4 tank is a tank destroyer with a turret. The basic idea of a tank destroyer is to hunt and destroy other tanks (sounds strange since all tanks should be about destroying tanks right?). Most of the WW II (since very few tank destroyers were made post WW II) era tank destroyers were of turret less construction but USA made several with turrets. Some were hand cranked and others powered but most of them had thinner armor with better cannons. The idea is that a tank destroyer had more powerful anti tank guns and with a smaller profile so they could hide and ambush ‘stuff’.

Prohorovka 2I ended up in Prohorovka a fairly open map with strips of woods and an iconic hill that always leads to a lot of fighting. It does have a few sparse buildings but most of the action ends up on each flank along the road (1) or by the hill (2).

I moved towards 1. since moving a TD in the open is kind of dangerous especially with 3 artillery on each side. Plus there are no real good places to hide – at least there’s plenty of vegetation along the side of the road even though the invisi rules are wonky in this game.

We immediately ran into lots of tanks on our side. One – a E-50M decided to run the gauntlet to reveal all of us including our Arty. It was stopped fairly okay although one of our arty was discovered and destroyed. But the Maus, M103 and IS-8 that followed couldn’t exploit it and ended up in an expensive tit for tat against me and several other good tanks.

Things did not fair better on the hill-side. It was a brutal slog where we were ground down to one E-50 that ended up in 4. and took out one of their Arty hiding there (didn’t go up the hill tho and therefore lost the opportunity to destroy their second arty). That was a huge mistake as the E-50 just sat there – thinking he’d ambush something and their Bat went to 3. and killed our arty instead. So I figured; what the heck. I just got rid of the Maus and IS-8 and it was their Bat and 2 Arty against me and the E-50. Not that I would stand a chance against the much quicker Bat and it’s autoloader, but I moved towards 3 thinking he was there ready to flank  me. Instead he moved to 4. and killed the E-50 that had not moved since it destroyed one of their Arty.

So as you can see by the arrows I decided to move down the line along the rail road, ridge and just get one shot in before destroyed, but as it seems the cocky Bat thought I was still left on the opposite flank and moved get me.

He didn’t see me so as he flashed by, I flank shot (5.) and since it only had 16% of its health left it was toast. Of course not until the Arty got a shot in on me and wounded one of my crew (that I ‘healed’). Now I moved across the open back to the road. I figured one of the Arty was down that way and I hoped to be able to nail it. That’s when the USA arty showed up (6.) – I took to long to aim, it shot and half missed, I killed it and the french Arty nailed me down to less than 10%.

I knew it was probably on the hill since the shot came from that direction, but I also knew that if I capped their base they would get me. There was simply no way to hide – and if I ridged on the rail road he’d get me since he’d be ready to shoot me there. And if I moved through the middle to get up on the hill my slow tank would be a simple target for something that can lob high explosive stuff across the map. So I moved down to 7 and hid my tank, letting the final minutes count down for a draw.

And to my surprise with 30 seconds to spare he dashed across the road crossing and I nailed him easily in the flank. And for once being the last man standing against faster tanks and supported by Arty had a happy outcome.

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