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UlgordThis toon has gone through some ‘changes’. Originally it was almost a pure tank with some other added feats (like two-handed for glancing blows using bastard sword) but now it’s either a intim tank or almost a DPS tank – meaning that for DPS I switch to full two weapon fighting and for tanking sword and board. In Sword and board I use a level 24 Bulwark with a 114 Devotion spell power augment and Exceptional Dex +1 (still looking for a reasonably cost-effective EE) and citw bastard sword.

That combo is great. Using power attack and stalwart III stance but still in Legendary destiny I generally land around 107 AC, 101 PRR and 140% Fort (Endless faith, rejuvenating cocoon and Brace for impact as twists). With combat expertise it goes to 118 in AC.

LegendaryAs you can see by the destiny tree I do not use improved combat expertise. I could and it would allow me to add another 20 PRR in combat expertise but for most part I use this destiny for DPS. First of all – no epic moment. I’ve always had a hard time using Master’s Blitz good and this tree is optimized for slashing weapons (bastardsword and Axe) and blunt. With this I use either a combo of citw bastard sword and morningstar or the bastard sword and EH axe from GH. The morning star have a 1d10 frost damage added to it and the axadus have silver and acid. Don’t know why it ended up like that but I think it has to do with whatever augment I pulled and banked.

The morningstar is excellent with lightning mace. A feature that can be used even in combat expertise stance (unlock any of the swings that can only be used when using power attack. Sure – it’s not going to be as much DPS as when you have a full fletched Kensei or similar fighter, barb, Monk etc. But the DPS is perfect for a tank build. And with the morningstar you get stunning (a feat I use) and together with that and improved trip there’s plenty of ways to disable opponents ability to fight back which helps since a tank generally have less DPS to use.

unyealdingFor superior defense and tanking I use unyielding with Momentum swing, legendary tactics and rejuvenating cocoon twisted.

That adds some DPS and another swing (with cleave and great cleave) for added DPS while everything else is about adding AC and PRR along with healing capability. This gives me 128 in AC and 131 PRR when using power attack and 141 AC in combat expertise (both with sword and board). Plus I also have 4 *endless* lay on hands that heals everything around me for about 300+ hit points (seen as high as 700+ – light the dark) along with rejuvenating cocoon. Both adds a lot of self-healing and with PRR and such there’s plenty of survivability.

None of these are ultimate numbers. I’d love to TR this guy a couple of times and experiment with a half elf cleric dilettante. The idea is to be able to scroll heal and possibly using rez scrolls. That would add a lot to the bottom line. And with 2 more TRs I’d have 4 more ability points to play with. And with the upcoming Epic TR feature (whatever that is) there’s a promise of 2 more ability points. All very interesting ideas.

Plus with EE daggertooth belt I add more armor mastery – with the ability to use more of my dex score both to increase dodge chance and AC. Not by much but the big thing here is the increase in dodge chance. I currently have 8% – capped by the dex of the armor and 4 more would put that to 12%. Very doable. And of course with the EE version of Bulwark I get another blue augment slot and most importantly a lil’ more in PRR.

Add to that the planar set bonus that adds more PRR – adding even more survivability to the bottom line.

So yes – there’s still some improvements to be had. Things that adds to AC, PRR and even DPS, but all in all it ‘works’. At that’s the important part. And ironically I’ve even had the opportunity to heal other players – even healers using either light the dark (we did an EE quest and the cleric was zapped down to unconscious) or other players with rejuvenating cocoon.



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