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Anybody who has read my blogs in the past will know that a few months ago I started playing on Orien twice a week, helping Micki with her TR’d monk, Maidae. That was back in November, checking my blog history :)

I started with a human artificer, Gimyl, that I created as a Vet I (level 4). Actually he was originally a dwarf artificer, but I don’t have a great love of dwarfs. I don’t know why, but I’ve never taken to them as a race I want to play. So he got rebuilt :) To be honest, although he’s been fun, I know now that I will never again have a fleshy artificer. The warforged race just works so much better (imo).


What became apparent whilst running with Micki is that, with her being on a second life, I was levelling quicker. Not a problem, but it seemed like a waste. However, I have a light monk on Orien too, Sprynge, created months before as a Vet II, and so I’ve been switching between the two, getting XP on both.


The monk build was also an experiment (the artificer being the experiment with a non warforged version) trying a strength based light monk with the whirlwind attack. He’s now hit level 18 and again, I’ve not been happy with how he’s turned out. The whirlwind attack didn’t quite work how I expected, so earlier this week I LR’d him back into the build I originally used for Hymm, my first monk build on Sarlona. I’m much happier with him now :)

Now that my speedy monk has hit some decent levels, we’ve added Wednesday nights to my Orien run arounds. For the last few weeks we’ve been running the House Cannith challenges for favour. This has been fun. Normally I run the challenges for materials, so I’ve had to rethink the strategies I normally use. There are some challenges I love (all the extra-planar palace ones especially) and some I hate with a vengeance *cough* Kobold Island *cough*. But we’ve done pretty well:- 5 starred some, minimum 3 starred the rest I believe, and had some fun with the people who have joined the pugs to help :)

Things to come
Gimyl took 20 this week. I’m currently using him to farm epic House Cannith challenges. He’s going to sit there for a while, while Sprynge continues to help Maidae get to 20. Once that’s done, Micki is planning to TR Cerge. As I am now happy with my monk build, but unhappy with the artificer – Gimyl is going to get TR’d too. I’m planning on making him the same build as Grypp, my tank on Sarlona, who is 1 artificer/1 barbarian/18 fighter. I already know this is a good build, Grypp has rapidly become my favourite character. He may not do awesome DPS, but he can stay alive, he can scroll heal & res, he does pretty good range damage (as long as I have the right crossbows!). But Grypp became that build from a level 20 fighter with the help of a +3 LR stone. Gimyl is going to have to get there by himself. So I’m looking forward to seeing how he works as we level up.

To finish off, a few pictures from last nights run of the Mindsunder chain

Jeets Shrine  Dreaming Dark

Have fun, see you around!

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