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Blog time. :) I haven’t had much time to “fix” my wordpress blog. It’ll take some time for me to get used to it/ be happy with it. We’ll see what happens.

This Friday I passed on Cannith night, as I had a couple of friends + my sister coming over for drinks and games (Buzz quizes). :) We had a nice time, prolly a bit too much to drink, and the ppl stayed til 4am on Saturday morning. My sister was staying over, so on Saturday we decided to go bowling and to see a movie (ended up picking Oz the Great and Powerful). I’m not a great bowler, but playing with a bit of a hang over seemed to work very well, lol. Second round I bowled a perfect round, i.e. didn’t miss a single pin the whole round, got a few strikes and the rest was spares. 195 points, and my best round so far. :) Very cool.

When my sis went to bed, I logged on to DDO to run CitW and FoT on Cerge. In stead I found a CitW group looking for heals so switched to Thaz. And after I joined I realised I was the only healer. Ok, I’ve never solo healed CitW before, but I guess that’s ok. It was only normal and we did have a druid in the group as well. We had a bunch of ppl fall of at different stages and more than once I said “guys, don’t run too far ahead, we will get spawns right here”, but other than that it was an ok run. I didn’t get anything, though.

Cleazy logged as we were finishing CitW, I can’t remember what I said to him, but I switched to Cerge and put up my own CitW, which C joined. Took us a while to fill, but got a good mix of melee, casters and heals. And I made C take Ana. :) Donno why some people keep clicking on her, though. Two shrines were dropped by mistake, which always annoys me, but we did fine. End fight was a bit messy, but we got through it. A lot of named items dropped, but nothing that I wanted. Cerge did get a comm, though.


Cleazy put up a FoT before I had even picked up my end reward, lol, so I joined. Took us a while to fill, and then during the run someone killed the crystal too soon, and everything got messy. And ppl kept killing stuff too soon, talking about perma dot’s etc. We restarted and lagged out. 3rd time’s the charm and we got through it after a long fight. Cerge got 2 comms. It was around 5am and I was very tired, so quit my Sat night after only 3 raids.


In other news, Maidae, my first and only TR is getting closer to 20 at rank 94. When she becomes epic, I’m going to start flagging her for the higher level raids and TR Cerge. This is why I wanted to just get a FoT and CitW run on Cerge this weekend. I’ve been waiting to TR Cerge a long while already, and it’s getting closer. :) If I get Maidae to 20 next week, I can TR Cerge the next Monday. :) o/ This week Maidae ran Rein of Madness and Mindsunder chains elite. The final of Reign of Madness was a failure, so will have to go back later to get the chain reward.

Acute Delirium

That’s all from me for now. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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