Hey Look…It’s My first Post
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Just like every other decision in my life, I sit here agonizing over the supposed gravitas of this moment.  So let me say this: I am now a mewling babe of the blogosphere, here me roar :)

The inspiration of such an endeavor as this must have an epic origin story right?  A germination of life events worthy of Homer?.  Well, stuff happens in life, and my life is probably no more different than most.  I could of course fabricate some sort of mythos that has brought me to this point, but that would undermine the banality and pedestrian nature of the truth…

I lost my job, or as my outplacement 1-on-1 career counselor advises me to say, “I’m in transition”.  Oh, I also play and love a MMORPG called Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), and recently the game’s hosted blog MyDDO went away.  It isn’t like I posted much on MyDDO (I’m not sure if I ever posted anything, actually); but with so many talented bloggers scattered across the internet like a galactic game of Jacks, there are a few who are trying to pickup the ball and all those displaced jacks, collecting and storing them in an awesome cosmic dice bag.

Which brings me to this:

DDO has cultivated such a rich and wonderful community in its 7 years, and me with some newly discovered time to both game and write, I feel compelled to contribute to this incredible tapestry.

So why couldn’t I just say this to begin with, along with being indecisive, I’m also pretty circuitous ;)

See you all soon!


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