Sure, We've Got Problems
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Video games are sexist. They encourage mindless violence. Video games are mindless escapism. The video game industry hurts customers, developers, and society.

Stop me if you’ve heard any of this.

Last Thursday, as floodwaters rose around Chicagoland, the New York Times put up a Sunday book review about Chicago.

The review took three books about Chicago and used them as a launching point to talk about the problems Chicago has.

“Poor Chicago,” a friend of mine recently said. Given the number of PR apocalypses here, I couldn’t tell which problem she was referring to.

The real problem according to the article, though, was that Chicagoans will still point out that the city has good qualities.

The article was not well received among Chicago bloggers.

It also was not untrue.

It also was not news to any of us.

So why am I writing about this in a space where we usually talk about video games? Because the way the conversation played out on the internet could almost be a find-and-replace version of a discussion about the games industry.

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