April 29 - May 3
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When you say, we're going to make a game (or in this case DLC) that's pretty much based on the color palette and cheesiness of mid-to-early 80s action cartoons, with all the purples and neons your tacky little heart can handle, I say to you in response, "let's make out." This is probably why more people don't make the offer to me, but the guys responsible for FarCry 3 Blood Dragon DLC, who I can only assume are rocking out to early Def Leppard, wearing Ocean Pacific t-shirts and calling each other rad, better prepare themselves for some heavy petting.

As to what it's about, I dunno. There's something about cyber commandos and Michael Biehn. Just go watch this trailer, and you'll know in like five seconds whether this is for you or not.

Also, though it's not officially released, Neverwinter enters open beta this week on the PC. I've been enjoying an early headstart over the weekend, and speaking as a fan of MMOs in general, I am pleased. Built with a not toward a much more action oriented style of play Neverwinter has a lot more sliding around and clicking at things than tapping the number keys. With ten or so hours played so far, the game definitely delivers on being different without being confusing. While it comes with all the trappings of a free-to-play MMO, this feels like a very complete and fully realized game, which is not something I always feel in F2P titles.

Among its many interesting features, the Foundry in particular is worth note and works seemlessly in the game to allow players the tools to create quests and publish them for all players to enjoy. The best of these Foundry quests come with a healthy dose of storytelling creativity, and there's something very Dungeon Master-y about being told a D&D story by fellow players.

Other than that, a relatively quiet week, with Fez finally launching on the PC and an expansion for Might & Magic Heroes VI.

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