Maidae update; flagged for CitW
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Today me and Grim were gonna finish flagging for CitW, by running the Demon Web quests. I put up an lfm, we got 3 ppl and off we went. I of course, do not navigate, so let Grim lead :) I just kill stuff and either brag about my dps or complain that I’m not doing enough. :P Well the Demon Web quests on eH were smooth sailing with 2 monks, rogue, cleric and… I think last guy was a barb? I of course completely forgot to snap any pictures duing the runs. They were good and Maidae and Sprynge are now flagged for CitW. Yay!

After those runs, I felt too wired to quit, would have wanted to run a raid, but since no one joined my Shroud lfm after it being up for a couple of mins, we decided to run eH DA instead. From this quest I did remember to snap pics. We entered 4 man + 2 hirelings.

Maidae checking her streak on the quest report.


Big boss no 2. He kept chaining me, the kinky bastard.


Maidae tanking the boss when we’re out of heals


:) I like killing stuff, and I like pictures. But I also really like the cleric dilettante on my monk. It’s saved my ass and the completion of some quests more than once. I can’t imagine running a monk that can’t use heal & raise scrolls.

Oh, and yes, my posts haven’t been that intelligent lately.  :) I have been working a lot, and when I’m not working I’m playing DDO, exercising or hanging out with the degus. I also try and get some sleep once in a while as well as rest my back (which really hates all this sitting in front of the computer I do.)

So, to sum up, I like pictures, I like to kill stuff, and self heal. :) I post blogs about my toons. Sometimes raids. Now sleep. Not a post, lol.

Thank you for reading and letting me babble. Happy questing.

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