Keronna update; getting closer to epic
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So, I have a currently level 18 caster clonk with sorcerer dilettante on the Cannith server. I made the toon, after some hesitation, to join Shindurza’s guild Destiny there, to which he’s invited mostly people from myddo. I ran Korthos and some Harbor quests solo, was then joined by Domfig on his fvs and later Nessana the rogue. Some time later Keava and Rilosa joined us, but with some life changes etc, left are now me, Nessana and Rilosa. Clonk, rogue and druid. The three musketeers if have you. :) Currently we’re only running one night a week, which is Friday.

Well, last week we took level 18, and this week the plan was go to Eveningstar. We ran Lords of Dust last week, so this week we were to do Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows and Beyond the Rift. Ness put up an lfm and we were joined by a pally and a wizard, who turned out to be guildies (not our guildies). Half way through the first one a barb joined us as well. Servants was very smooth, I think we got through it without any deaths and only skipped one optional. Spinner did also go well, until I ran out of mana, which is when ppl started dying. But I raised them and then focused only on scroll healing the barb, which worked out well.

And we’ve made it! Spinner of shadows defeated.


The barb left after spinner, but the rest of us continued with Beyond the rift. For me it was rather boring, because I couldn’t command and the spiders often evaded my blade barrier. I did manage to command a few earth ellies, which was awesome, lol. Other than that it was a very smooth run.

Nessana standing/ jumping on top of the res shrine, shooting and taunting the boss.


And after getting to Eveningstar, and realising I can’t pick up the epic quests yet, I wanted to flag for shroud. The pally and wiz stayed on and we ran Running with the Devils and Coalescence Chamber. Devils wasn’t really my thing, all I could do was stand back and heal, or I would die – which happened twice. Nice xp anyway. In chamber I was playing nice for a while, then I got bored and started running ahead a bit, only to run into too many mobs, turn around and run back to the party, lol.

The Coalescence Chamber completed


After tonight runs, Keronna is missing 37k xp for level 20, and I need to start to plan her gear, lol. Keronna is only a 28p build, and even though I made a build plan for up to 20, I never planned her as epic. She really has no gear, and soon no plat either. :) But I guess plat won’t be that much of an issue once she gets epic. I do need to decide on ED, though. She is a pure caster build, maxed wizdom, and 14 cha for the dilly, dumped dex and str. She can melee a little, but her str is only 20 in fire stance, so she doesn’t hit too hard. She does better as caster. So, from the divine’s she’d prolly be better in EA. But, maybe I should go DI? or GMoF? Got to think about that.

Alright, that’s all for now. Ty for reading and see u in game.

P.S. All quests were run elite.

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