May 13 - May 17
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Metro 2033 was an environmental, creative and deviously punishing shooter that not nearly enough people played. Honestly, I never really expected to get to walk the world of the post-apocalyptic, Russian Metro again, but here we are with Metro: Last Light ready to hit store shelves and Steam this week. Published by Deep Silver, a German publisher that has quietly accumulated a strong stable of franchises that includes, Dead Island, Saints Row, Sacred and Risen, Metro: Last Light puts you back in the role of hunter Artyom and back into the atmospheric and darkly claustrophobic environs of the previous game.

Though early indications are that some of the punishing nature of Metro 2033 have been mitigated, likely to broaden the new game's appeal, Last Light still seems to capture much of what made the previous game so memorable in its setting and execution. Even getting to the place I've been lately, growing increasingly tired of first person shooters, the appeal of a new Metro game is undeniable.

Also this week, Eve Online makers CCP launch Dust 514, a Free-to-Play massively multiplayer game in the spirit of something like Planetside 2, onto the PS3. Interestingly, set directly in the universe of EVE Online, and with some degree of tie-in between the two games, Dust puts players in boots on the ground battling in a first-person perspective over persistent world objectives that provide various faction benefits and resources. Like I said, think Planetside.

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