May 20 - May 24
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This weekend we wrapped up the GWJ annual executive board and shareholders meeting, which is to say that Shawn Andrich came to visit and we drank gin and suffered through a thrashing in Monopoly as delivered by my nine-year-old. It is possible that the gaming failure was an indirect result of some poor land deals I executed with my real-estate-baron child and my dramatic undervaluing of the railroads. Who could possibly say for sure?

This week, Stardock releases Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, which apparently I still get for free as a purchaser of the original and widely panned Elemental: War of Magic. Fallen Enchantress is one of those games that I check in with every few months, and which does, I have to admit, keep improving. The difference between what Elemental was on release and what it is now can not be overstated, and I'll definitely give Legendary Heroes a try to see where the game has come now.

It's been years now, and for whatever sins can be laid at the feet of Stardock, their commitment to make things as right as they possibly can for Elemental is wholly remarkable in the gaming industry right now. They could have long ago just said, "ok, Elemental wasn't great so here's a coupon to get one of a few select Stardock games for free. We cool now?" No, we would not have been cool. But having gotten Fallen Enchantress and now Legendary Heroes for free, not only do I like that they are still trying to atone for the launch or Elemental but they are doing so by aggressively supporting a game that, by all rights, they should've long since given up for dead.

So, yeah, Stardock. We're cool now on the whole Elemental thing. Here's hoping that Legendary Heroes keeps moving the game forward. In a week of otherwise middling games, my interest in anything Resident Evil long since exhausted, my nod goes to a company that, successful or not, seems willing to keep trying to prove that they value me as their customer. There are a lot of things you can say about Brad Wardell or Stardock, but I don't think that you can question whether they are interested in building a relationship with their customers.

I know it may be a somewhat controversial pick, but my nod for the week goes to Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.

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