May 27 - May 31
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Codemasters has a history with high-simulation, gearhead-friendly racing games that is, when you get right down to it, as impressive and diverse as any other publisher's. So, when Codemasters releases a new racing game, you can do worse that pay attention. That said, on first glance Grid 2 fits in where its highly regarded predecessor and for that matter the majority of games with cars on the cover do these days, less in the simulation space and more in the get-in-and-drive space. The Grid 2 team argues this is because they've eliminated all driving and track assists from the game, so to avoid making it too hardcore, they've also adjusted the driving model to be more forgiving and gamer-friendly.

I want to be critical of that decision, but in reality when done correctly that can prove a very fun if not entirely accurate experience. It took me awhile to come around with the same kind of choices made in Forza Horizon, but once I embraced the spirit of the game that the developers had built instead of holding out for the spirit of the game I thought I should be playing, I had a great time. So, in the spirit of hoping for the best, I'm giving the nod this week to Grid 2.

Also this week, Fuse lands on the Xbox and PS3 and the Wii U adds a bevy of classics to their virtual console.

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