Since I know you're all still playing Civ IV, here's a production UI tip
Posted by Troll Racials are Overpowered [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 5 June 2013, 7:24 pm
The other day I discovered something by accident that changed everything.  Well, changed something.  It made things slightly more convenient.

If you alt-click on a unit to produce, the city will keep making it indefinitely.  This is upgraded and maintained when more advanced units are available.  Until I discovered this I'd been spamming shift-click when I wanted a lot of a unit.

Even better, if you shift-click and add something after it, once the current unit is done it will build the next item in the queue, and then go back to the infinite unit.  For example, if you wanted to finish the spearman that is almost done and have the city build walls before starting on the next one, this can do that.

Even more better, if you shift-alt-click you can have two units being built in an alternating pattern.  Or add more to change the ratio.  This makes it easier to keep a good mix of spears and axes.

Civ IV has a great production management system.  It's strange that Civ V completely lost this, with a much clunkier queue system.  About the only thing it made better was allowing you to pick city production anytime before the end of the turn rather than forcing a decision at the start.

I don't like having a production UI pop up constantly.  I like being able to make a plan, push it into the city, and focus on something else.  It reduces distraction.  In Civ IV this is as simple as shift-clicking as you go through the build order.  My only annoyance when dealing with pre-req buildings, such as needing libraries to build universities; even if you have the library queued before it, you cannot add a university to the queue until it is done.

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