Where copyright infringement leads to
Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 June 2013, 2:52 am
A reader sent me a funny YouTube video on 300 Heroes, a Chinese game that not only blatantly rips off League of Legends, but then populates it with characters stolen from all sorts of other works, up to and including a donkey-throwing Shrek. Now it is easy to laugh about that and point a finger at the Chinese. But I think the video is a great explanation where copyright infringement leads to. Because ultimately what you see there is just a logical consequence of the disregard of intellectual property that is so common on the internet.

How many times have people commented on this blog that there should be no copyright, that they should have the right to copy games, movies, and music as they like? But if we say that copying games and films is totally okay, then the next thing that happens is that you have stalls at every flea market where pirated games and films are being sold. And after the small entrepreneurs profiting from this lawlessness come the bigger companies, and soon after you have games like 300 Heroes, or Zynga ripping off Tiny Tower and The Sims Social.

Either somebody creating content has intellectual property rights to his creation, enabling him to prohibit all sorts of copying and ripping off, or he hasn't. We can't defend our rights to infringe copyright left and right, and then get outraged when a Chinese company does it too. Copyright either exists or it doesn't. And if we argue for its downfall, we will have to live with the consequences, which won't be pretty.
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