June 17 - June 21
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If you're in the mood for non-traditional Dungeons & Dragons gaming, then I've got a release list you just may like. First, the Free-to-Play Neverwinter MMO that has been chugging along in open beta on the PC since April exits out of its beta phase this week along with the release of new high level content. For those already playing Neverwinter, the official transition to full release does not include any kind of character wipe, so for many it may just seem like another day on the Sword Coast.

If PC MMOs do not tickle your fancy, but nearly twenty year old brawlers do then consider Chronicles of Mystara, a collection of Capcom's 1990's D&D games Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara. Not seem on consoles since the Sega Saturn, the 4-person co-op button-masher is D&D primarily in name.

Beyond that there's not much. If your cup of tea is playing ridiculous microgames, or for that matter anything new at all on the Wii U, you might consider Game & Wario.

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