The Direct Approach
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In 2010, Konami had a rather awkward and low-budget E3 press conference. The presenters did their best to communicate new ideas and features, but it was tough to break through the obstacles of thick accents, awkward skits, and a crowd that just didn't seem to want to be there.

So in 2011, Konami began to stream their conferences online. Instead of having to rent a physical space, pay for plane and hotel tickets, spend time working on skits and hoping all the demonstrations functioned properly, they could now control the message. Well rehearsed, well edited and well translated, the streamed presentation carefully captured footage without the additional costs of a dog-and-pony show at E3. They've continued with these streamed conferences each year since.

Due to backlash from studios and publishers claiming the event was simply too expensive, E3 downsized in 2006 to a much smaller event from years previous; however, this downsizing was reversed. In 2009, E3 returned to its colorful, spectacular glory. The event continues to be expensive and cluttered with analysis from every press outlet, web forum and twitter account about who “won,” who “lost,” and who was most disappointing. In the afterglow of the big shows, there’s not often much public attention paid to the cost-benefit analyses of the presentations. Perhaps there should be.

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