June 24 - June 28
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Company of Heroes was not an exactly underrated Real Time Strategy game. Critics adored it and lauded it with rave reviews and correspondingly high review scores. And yet, not many people bring up the World War 2 strategy game in discussions of great games released in the past few years, or even for that matter in most discussions about RTS games in general. Don't get me wrong, those in the know will talk about Company of Heroes every chance they get, but that population is not exceedingly large.

This week developer Relic and publisher Sega release a full blown sequel to their critically acclaimed Company of Heroes. Initial feedback is that while quite good, Relic's sequel is not as ground breaking an experience as the first had been. That's a little discouraging, just because Company of Heroes did so many things in new and interesting ways, but to be honest just an opportunity to get more of the same from Relic is enough for the price of admission.

Also this week, Wizards of the Coast updates their perennial Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker. Among some general iterative changes, WotC has added more deck customizability, a long noted absence for the series, and a 'Sealed Play' mode for both single and multiplayer.

In the 'Might be worth the risk' column, we find High Moon Studio's Deadpool. High Moon, which has made an impressive showing of the recent Transformers War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, takes a stab at the whimsical, juvenile and irreverent superhero. It seems like a game that would be primed for cringe-worthy failure in the wrong hands, but there are whispers on the wind that this might be worth paying attention to. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of pre-release reviews available, and that always makes me a little nervous.

Add to all that four or five games I likely missed mentioning, and it's a pretty impressive week for new games. Unless, that is, you own a WiiU.

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