The Lure of Video
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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing videos. I realize that something like four days worth of video is uploaded to a place like YouTube every minute (not an exaggeration) and that wading into that tumultuous Kraken-infested ocean of content in hopes of making a meaningful splash is agonizingly laughable — and I’d relent to that argument if the whole “making a splash” part were my motivation — but the more I watch videos and get joy out of what others are doing, the less it looks like a murder-ocean and the more it looks like the biggest, best wading pool in the whole world.

This tends to be how I operate, and how I am inspired to create content. A lot of people really like to be at the cutting edge of things, trying out new mediums, new ideas, new concepts for delivering content, and I am glad they are there to do those things in the same way that I’m glad there are already people who like to do things like farming, carpentry and operating toll booths. I like to come in later and stand on the shoulders of giants, because it is the creation of content in a stable medium that keeps me engaged and excited.

It happened for me this way with podcasts, and to some degree even with the willingness to be part of building Gamers With Jobs to begin with. The mediums were already long and well established when I showed up late to the party, and I arrived more eager to join in the fun than to be some kind of trailblazer. I worry that seems sycophantic, but I don’t worry so much that I’ll have trouble getting to sleep tonight.

Anyway, that’s the place I am rapidly approaching with video. I watch all kinds of content now, and I think more and more to myself, “that looks like a lot of fun to do. Why am I not doing that?” Which, is how I’ve found myself thinking a lot less lately in terms of whether I should try to get into the video game (see what I did there?) and more in terms of “I wonder what kind of video I should make.”

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