August 5 - August 9
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This is one of those weeks where I just don't know. I'm sure there's something amidst the chaos of this week's release list that someone is pretty excited about but, I'm just not sussing it out straight away.On a hunch -- in that it was a PS3 game I hadn't heard of that sounded suspiciously like it would be the title of a JRPG -- I did some looking up on Tales of Xillia, and yup, it sounds like that's probably the one that some of you will be looking forward to. Now, don't get me wrong, the temptation to pick Divinity: Dragon Commander so I can spend the day reading exasperated comments is strong, but that's a dark road to go down as a human being. So, Xillia it shall be as game of the week.

Please enjoy the many qualities of that game that make it distinctive and relevant, which are obviously so numerous I shan't trouble to enumerate them here.

Since we've gotten that so cleanly out of the way, allow me to take a minute to talk Doctor Who at you. This weekend Peter Capaldi was named the 12th incarnation of the titular time-traveling hero -- who's last name, by the way, is no more Who than Jesus' last name is Christ -- and presented to the world live. As always I am left immediately wondering if this dude, who I'm sure is a nice guy, can pull it off, and is this where the whole thing finally goes off the rails? Then I end up thinking, well if Colin Baker pulled it off, then I suppose anyone can.

I'm sorry, Colin. That wasn't nice of me.

I always feel like a little boy when I get wrapped up in all things Who. It is, at its heart of hearts, a juvenile show, and though I usually struggle to allow myself to enjoy pointedly childish content that many other adults enjoy -- the perplexing and cloying Adventure Time for example -- I have a weak spot for Who. I for one, can't wait to see what Capaldi brings to the show.

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