Havok and Hijincks on Kickstarter
Posted by Player Versus Developer [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 12 August 2013, 8:53 pm
My good friend Ferrel of Epic Slant and various podcasts has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a card game called Havok and Hijincks that he and his colleagues designed.

As a recent parent, I love the idea of a game that requires thought but not a lot of time - something I can play with my wife during nap times, but that won't take a ton of time to set up or put away.  Cute dragons on cards and some light strategy sounds like just what I'm looking for.  Between Ferrel's track record publishing three books (two of which went to Kickstarter only after he finished the manuscripts) and the public record of the game's development over the last year (I provided some rules suggestions myself), this is the relatively rare Kickstarter that I can recommend without reservation to anyone who thinks they are interested in the product. 

More information on the game is at http://havokandhijinks.com and the game's Kickstarter campaign runs through September 24th.

(P.S. At the risk of derailing this post with broader MMO discussion, there is a big difference between someone trying to crowd-fund a pen and paper game, and all the video game and MMO projects that have gotten so much press of late.  You can actually design, test, and prototype a card game using index cards and a sharpie and have a decent idea of how the product is going to function.  If you are willing to support the development out of pocket through some combination of volunteer-work by the team and fronting the art costs out of pocket, you can get most of the way to the finish line BEFORE you go to your customers and ask them to pay you.  It's not impossible to do the same for a video game - see the valiant efforts of Eric at Elder Game - but that's no easy path either, and I maintain it's only a matter of time before a video game project that received a seven-figure budget from Kickstarter goes bankrupt without releasing their product.) 

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