August 26 - September 1
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Welcome to this embarrassingly late edition of The Week Ahead. And on one of the most important weeks of the year too: Madden Week. Madden and I are like the Rachel and Ross of video games. Will we? Won't we? And if/once we do, will it only be for a short while until we have some kind of weird argument in bed?

I'm sorry that all my cultural references are a decade old. (But, seriously guys, did you hear about this Video Music Awards thing? Apparently Madonna and Christina Aguilera kissed!)

This year I'm genuinely torn — as if that's not normally the case — because Madden 25 does look at least on the outside like a presentation– and feature–rich version with a lot of attention paid to delivering a strong showing for the series' 25th anniversary. What I don't imagine, though, is that the experience of playing the actual game is likely to be any different, and am I going to do what I do most years, which is play it for a week and then put it in the games cabinet, never to be heard from again?

Meanwhile, this week also sees the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as well as Lost Planet III. Both of those games feel like something that should be hitting with a little more fanfare and attention, but for the life of me I can't think of anything to actually say about them. So, they are things that exist, I guess. Now you know.

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