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Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 6 September 2013, 12:22 pm
It has been silent on the Card Hunter servers and forums lately. But that is not because people don't like the game. It is because release was announced for September 12, which is already next week. And thus on September 10 the beta servers will go down and everybody's collection will be erased. So most people, including me, decided to wait for the release before doing any more card hunting. What I did before the reset was spend my remaining pizza on epic chests, just to look what I would get. Nice yield, with several legendaries as well. I was able to "waste" the pizza that way because I will get all the bought pizza back on release.

Now the release announcement also announced the Basic Edition Special, a $25 goodie bag which contains the stuff I previously recommended to buy plus 9 figures. And now I received good news for all Card Hunter beta testers: Every beta tester will receive those same 9 figures for free. Which means that you can get the rest of the Basic Edition Special for $20 worth of pizza. What I found especially nice was that for people who have trouble doing the math, Blue Manchu is very explicit about the advantages:
If you were wondering about buying the Basic Edition after launch, rest assured that you are better off just using your re-credited beta pizza to buy everything separately. With these free costumes, you can buy the rest of the contents of the Basic Edition for pizza, and enjoy the same or better discount that you would have received had you bought the Basic Edition bundle.
So the Basic Edition definitely isn't an attempt to get more money from the 40,000 beta testers, as some had feared. Nice move, Blue Manchu!
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