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In ten years of GWJ we have gotten to do some incredible things and in the process work with extraordinarily talented people. The thing that we are sharing with you today is, for me at least, the coolest site-related project I’ve gotten to be a part of.

It’s been a year, but finally as promised we are extremely proud to share with you the first volume of Gamers With Jobs: The Magazine. A direct result of the outstanding community support from our 2012 donation drive, putting this magazine together has been among the best creative experiences I've had the pleasure to tackle. Seriously, this is bucket list stuff for me.

Download Gamers With Jobs: The Magazine Volume 1

The magazine features GWJ writers past and present as well as a few special contributors. With all new illustrations from Michael “Sway” Konold, volume 1 includes content from CY Reid, J.P. Grant, Phil “Lobo” Scuderi, Rob Zacny, Julian Murdoch, Russ Pitts, Shawn Andrich, myself and Jeff Green, the magazine is to my mind a true representation of everything GWJ is and has been.

Big thanks go out to our fearless editor-in-chief Cory Banks for keeping this project moving and organized. Also, this thing would've been little more than a long Word doc, were it not for my wonderful and talented wife Kristin “Elysia” Sands. And, last but not least, thanks to Nicole Donner for copy editing the entire magazine a half-dozen times over. This represents countless hours of absolutely brilliant work from some of my favorite people in the whole world. We hope you love it as much as we loved putting it together.

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