Donation Drive 2013 is LIVE!
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Our annual donation drive is finally live. A couple of weeks late, so we could put the finishing touches on the Gamers With Jobs: The Magazine project that was funded as part of last year's stretch goals, but inevitable and inexorable as a sunrise here we are again with hat in hand.

For all the information you need to donate, as well as all of our contribution tiers and stretch goals please visit the 2013 Donation Drive page at the link below. You will be able to follow our progress there again this year.

Donation Drive 2013 Page

We are excited to feature two all new and all original pieces of artwork at the $25 tier by Kate Craig, the 3D artist behind Gone Home (Kite in our forums) and Scott Benson, aka Bombsfall, who created the awesome artwork for our 2012 drive. Also, after some deliberation and feedback from all of you, we've decided to keep going with a new 11th icon for 2013. As always, stay tuned to see what we've got designed up for this year.

Among our higher tier items, you get to tell us what to do! If you have the perfect idea for a Maximum Verbosity column, a feature article Julian Murdoch should write, the game that you know deserves Game of the Week, or just something you'd like to watch a video of us playing, we've got a tier designed perfectly for you. Along with stretch goals that include an all new jobs-focused GWJ podcast and a GWJ radio play starring Graham Rowat, we're as enthusiastic as we've ever been to take the site in all new creative directions.

But, as always, this drive is ultimately and most importantly about you. What we care about above all else is making sure GWJ stays a site for and about community. Every year we ask for your help with that, and every year you guys amaze us with your generosity and enthusiasm.

So, the PayPal account is open for the next month, and the rewards are all lined up. Let's get the Donation Drive 2013 started.

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