September 23 - September 29
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Closing in on October and November, it's time to start expecting longer and longer release lists, though, as is the case this week, of that volume there's a fairly limited number of releases to get genuinely excited about. Between titles like Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord we are clearly entering the time of year where anything and everything gets released.

This week's Game of the Week, however, is FIFA 14. FIFA is one of the best selling games for Electronic Arts. In May of this year, EA announced that FIFA 13 sold more than 14 million copies and generated around $350 million dollars for the year as a brand. Admittedly, Madden is still the king of EA, but FIFA has become more and more central to the company's fall release schedule.

Also this week, Rise of Venice is the latest from Kalypso Media, makers of the Port Royale series. A trading simulation game at its heart, Rise of Venice puts you into the world as a trader of common and exotic goods in the Renaissance Mediterranean. It's an interesting take on where the company has taken previous games, and the setting adds a lot of room for a more dynamic single-player story campaign. If I can ever manage to tear myself away from Europa Universalis IV, it's the game I'd be most likely to play this week.

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