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Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 24 September 2013, 8:14 am
I am not the kind of person to try out operating systems in beta version. But neither am I somebody who only updates his operating system when absolutely forced to. So when iOS7 was released to everybody, and the reviews didn't report any major problems, I decided to update my iPad. That turned out to be a mistake. Basically I gained nothing much, and lost a lot of performance.

The most visible difference between iOS6 and iOS7 is that Apple completely changed the design of just about everything, including sounds. So if you knew how your icons looked like or what a specific "ding" was supposed to tell you, you'll have to relearn all of that. That includes changes to how things work, e.g. completely closing an app used to be done by pressing the icon in the list of running applications until it developed an X in the corner which could be touched to close the app; now that doesn't work any more, you need to swipe up the thumbnail of the window to close the app.

I don't really dislike the new look. Nor do I especially love it. But for somebody who is used to other operating systems which offer more choice in the look of the UI, I find the Apple approach sometimes somewhat rude. It is like as if somebody came to your house and redecorated it. It's not a question whether the new curtains are nicer than the old ones, it is a problem of somebody else taking that decision for you and not giving you any choice. You'll say I could not have updated to iOS7, but we all know that this would only be a temporary solution until I wanted some app requiring the new operating system version.

Where I have a bigger problem with iOS7 is that I have a 3rd generation iPad running on the A5X CPU. And that one is borderline too slow to run iOS7. As now there are lots of fancy animations which iOS6 didn't have. And so I frequently experience janking and lag that I never had with the old version. Even just typing text sometimes ends up lagging. Or I get some delay when searching for something in the App Store, resulting in an "can't connect" error message, and just doing the same search a second time fixes it. This definitely isn't the smooth Apple UI experience I am used to.

A solution would be to wait for the iPad 5 to come out, rumored for October 15, and having the much faster A7X CPU. But that feels like an evil marketing trick to me: Make a new OS that makes old iPads run badly so that you sell more of the new iPads. If it wasn't for the iOS7 lag, there wouldn't really be a good reason to buy a new iPad after only just over one year. It feels like as if now Apple has lost Steve Jobs, they don't make machines any more that people WANT to buy, and so they resort to evil tricks to make them buy those machines anyway.
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