September 30 - October 6
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NBA 2K13 was arguably one of the best, if not the best, sports game released last year, and received high critical praise. It was also the only game in town, with EA's long-standing NBA Live franchise having been grabbing bench since 2009. This year, that changes with EA's big return to the basketball arena and NBA Live 2014.

Or, at least that's the promise, though this really is around the time of year where EA has traditionally canned whatever NBA game they are working on. Given the bumpy ride to getting an NBA title on the market for EA the past few years, there are no sure bets, though with the release of a new console cycle it seems more likely than not that it will be a man-to-man press offense, or EA's going to post up in the paint, or NBA Live is looking to make a lot of hoop-scores. I'm not really sure, I'm more a football guy.

Also, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl seems like a thing I need to mention as well. A critically well received JRPG, but one that is generally described as having complicated mechanics and a high level of difficulty, this sounds like it's going to hit a very specific niche very well.

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