Ode to Blue
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Blue's eyes scanned the field of tall grass before him, blades swaying in the cool spring breeze, brow furrowed in concentration. He knew there was a Pokémon out here somewhere. It must have been hiding in the brush. Blue had hoped he was already ahead of Red, having caught a Pidgey so soon after obtaining the Pokéballs from his grandfather, but the kid also had a Rattata with him.

Blue spat. Red. What was so special about him all of a sudden? If it weren't for Blue he wouldn't even have any dreams of being a Pokémon trainer. His head was always up in the clouds, even since they were children. Since before Blue was living with his grandfather, back when his parents were still alive. Granted they weren't home much anyway, being trainers themselves, but it was their tales of wonder and adventure that gave Blue such a passion. He pored through his parents' volumes of texts and encyclopedias on Pokémon, watched every documentary he could find on television, and even got the play sets for Vermilion and Fuschia city gyms. He'd spend hours playing with Red, showing him all of his parents' books, so heavy with knowledge at the time, and pretending to be the leaders of their own gyms.

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