October 14 - October 20
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October 14 - October 20

Good grief! Will you look at this list!? At first glance it looks dire, but if you get off the AAA bandwagon, there there are couple interesting points.

Talisman Digital Edition, by Nomad Games is a nostalgic choice for me. The board game was one of my first experiences in deeper boardgames, and it was also the first game I ever won a tournament in. So being able to play this online with friends is a shoe-in for me. This release offers several platform options. There are iPad and Android mobile editions coming soon, and a single-player version called Talisman Prologue is available now. The Steam-based multi-player PC version goes into early access this week, with the full launch coming on November 13th.

My nostalgeurism aside, this week I'm going to give the laurels to critical darling The Stanley Parable. It's a game based on the Source mod of the same name, released in 2011. This full release brings new content, graphics, and in-game voice. The demo confused me and piqued my interest at the same time. From what I can get out of the promo materials out there, that was the point. It will be available on Steam on Thursday, the 17th.

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