Extra Life 2013
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Since I first got the Internet in 8th grade, every phase of my life has been accompanied by some online community. Despite years of online debate, discussion, friendships and attaching screen names to faces at conventions, I've never felt more at home than I do here at Gamers With Jobs. I've seen this community come together for emotional support to members going through rough times, and have even given their hard-earned money to fellow goodjers who really needed it. Any assumptions that can be made about people being absolutely horrible on the Internet are proven wrong on a daily basis here.

Which is why I chose to create a Gamers With Jobs team for the Extra Life charity. Extra Life is a charity event where gamers all over the world participate in a gaming marathon for twenty-five hours straight, relying on sponsorships and donations of friends and family in order to help contribute to children's hospitals across North America. Several of us are preparing our Twitch streams and putting together our game lists to play through, but we need your help.

Any donations made available to the team are gladly accepted and appreciated, but there are more ways to assist us. Right now plenty of us streamers are working on game lists and schedules for our twenty-five hour run. Not only would we like your input in the official thread, but we need community members to play with throughout the day. Your input as to what games to play and when would help us put together our schedules while providing a chance to showcase to our friends and family how great a community Gamers With Jobs is. We could also use an additional PC gaming streamer to help our more PC focused gaming crowd, and any help running test streams in the days leading up to the actual event. There are a lot of ways to participate and become involved.

So head on over to our Extra Life page or the official thread and find out how you can help out today.

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