October 21 - October 27
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There had never been a chance that my Game of the Week this week was going to be anything besides Rocksmith 2014. I know Batman: Arkham Origins is probably a bigger deal to a greater number of people, but for me this year has been entirely about a handful of titles, and Rocksmith is one of them. From the moment I saw the panoply of improvements planned for the game, I was in love.

I'll have my full review of Rocksmith 2014 up bright and early tomorrow morning once the embargo lifts, but I think you can read a lot into the fact that I've got a couple dozen hours into the thing and I'm still as enthusiastic as ever to make it the game of the week.

Also this week, Path of Exile for the PC, the alternative many people found to their disappointment in Diablo 3, finally makes an official release. PoE, as it has been lovingly termed, is a somewhat dark but largely strong third-person action RPG, and it has developed a reasonable and loyal following during its beta testing.

Add to all that a new Phoenix Wright game on the 3DS and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes into the mix, and you have yourself a pretty appealing list of games to play this week.

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