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Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 November 2013, 3:09 am
I very much like games like the Settlers or Anno series, in which you build a village and balance a simple economy. As gaming has become increasingly mobile, this kind of game works well with game mechanics based on real time: You spend some minutes a few times per day taking care of your village, and crops grow or building get constructed while you are offline. This year I have been playing Anno Online, a browser game, and The Tribez on my iPad. Now I'm looking for something new.

Unfortunately that isn't all that easy. While there are many village building games, they often come with one of three major flaws: Either they are like Clash of Clans games in where you build a village only to get it destroyed in free-for-all PvP, or they are excessively "social" and require you to have a hundred friends to progress, or they are constantly begging you for money.

In a previous thread somebody recommended me Townsmen for Android, but I found that to be near unplayable due to excessive begging: There is a big advertising blocking a good part of the screen that you need to pay money to remove, and you playing is interrupted by more advertising which you need to pay money to remove. I checked some reviews of the game and found that apparently you can't even get very far without spending lots of money, so I don't think I'll be playing that. The Tribez is also Free2Play, but less aggressively so, and once a game lets me enjoy it for a while I might even be inclined to pay for some extra comfort.

I very much abandoned all games on Facebook and "unfriended" the hundreds of fake friends I had there. While I liked games like Castleville, I disliked the whole fake friends requirement. And I think Facebook is making a grave mistake by having a games platform that doesn't work on iOS and only badly on Android. Is anybody playing Facebook games on his tablet or mobile phone? That is where games are today, and I feel Facebook is missing out there.

So if you know of any good village / city building games which aren't about PvP or require lots of friends or money, I'd be interested. Especially on Android or iOS.
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