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Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 13 November 2013, 2:43 am
Syl has a brilliant history of the kill ten rats quest. While I am not quite sure that achievements are to blame, I do very much agree that the degree of guidance players receive for quests has very much increased over the years. I still remember getting a quest in Everquest that just told me to find a dwarf, and didn't mention that said dwarf was on the other side of the next continent, over 1 hour of travel away. Now to some extent the players basically asked for more hand-holding, because at the time there were sites like Allakhazam which mainly served to provide quest solutions for players. If the quest itself doesn't give you enough hints to be able to solve it, the internet will. But I agree with Syl that by now questing is bordering on the ridiculously trivial. I've even already played games where you can auto-run to the quest location!

For those of us who have been playing these games for a while, this clearly goes in the wrong direction. The better we get at these games, the more guidance we receive. Clearly that should be the other way around. So I was wondering whether one could make a MMORPG in which questing becomes more difficult with level, because the degree of guidance is decreased. When you start out as a new character you'd get a glowing path leading you to the sparkling rats, in mid-level you only get the location of the rats indicated on your maps, and at high level you only get general directions towards your quest target. Shouldn't a "level 90" quest be actually harder to solve than a "level 1" quest?
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