Time Sink
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Another unexpected 40 hours lost into the time black hole known as Europa Universalis IV, my Game of the Year 2013, has me thinking about the games I’ve spent the longest with in my 30-year gaming career. Well, it has me thinking about that and also how to get the French to end their alliance with the Ottomans so I can attack one of them without the other sending 100,000 troops right up my … but, that’s not the topic here.

This new bout of EUIV gaming, a workweek of time that just seemed to vanish, now brings my total hours spent playing Paradox Interactive’s masterpiece up to nearly 250 total hours — almost ten and a half full days — which means I’ve spent almost 3% of the entire year of 2013 playing Europa Universalis IV.

Wait a minute, that can’t be right, can it? And if you take into account that the game has only been out since mid-August, which is about 150 days ago, 3600 hours, then let’s see — what percent of 3600 is 250?

Oh my God! I’m wasting my entire life with this game.

Which, again, is not a thought I’ve never had before. Catastrophic irresponsibility and family neglect aside (both of which, apparently, I’m getting pretty good at), I don’t think there are many self-identified gamers out there who haven’t had games crop up from time to time that simply take over your life. Here, then, are a few of mine.

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