Gamers With Resolve for 2014
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I don't know who came up with the whole notion of New Year's resolutions, but I feel like they missed some pretty serious logistical issues when crafting and casting that particular vision. I mean, if I had to pick the absolute worst time to promise myself "I will jog twice a week every week this year," that worst time would probably be January 1, just as winter really started to bite into my Chicagoan lifestyle.

On top of this strange cultural habit of declaring an intention to be physically active when we ought to be hibernating, there's a notion (which I personally find rather convincing) that New Year's resolutions have their own inherent problems. Ultimately, it may be better to set personal expectations for how you're going to act, rather than to set specific goals. After all, achieving those goals might not result in the glorious, perfect future you might anticipate. And then there's the standard temptation to fudge your figures or move the goalposts.

No, I totally jogged today. I jogged to the conference room at work because I was late for that meeting.

I personally tend more toward picking a "theme" for each year, and try to live my life in a way that keeps that theme in mind. It helps me set priorities for the year without getting down on myself by Pączki Day. Still, if you're goal-oriented by nature, then more power to you and your gradual progress toward ruling us all. I'll be wandering off somewhere else, probably daydreaming or editing Wikipedia articles for punctuation.

All that said, I think there's something valuable in looking at resolutions. They show what we're uncomfortable with — what we wish to change about the way we conduct ourselves. So I asked the writers here at GWJ about what their resolutions are, so that we can collectively psychoanalyze them and expose their negative self images. (You may note that Sean Sands did not contribute to this collection.)

So let's take a look at what we're all thinking. Maybe we'll pick up something we didn't realize we want to change about ourselves. Perhaps you'll disagree with some of the underlying values driving these resolutions. Or maybe you'll just have something to brag about for already being better about than we are.

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