January 13 -- January 20
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I've talked Europa Universalis IV to death. I'm pretty firmly on record in that I think it's one of the best strategy games I've played, so I won't expend a ton more verbiage here talking up its first big expansion, Conquest of Paradise. It probably goes without saying, though, that I'm likely to lose another umpteen hours exploring the randomized New Worlds of Conquest. Along with improvements to the way colonies work and the mechanics of playing as some of the American tribal nations, Conquest promises to delivery lots of little tweaks and fixes.

Also this week, SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past extends the life of the now seven-year-old based game. The promised final installment of SpellForce 2 has, like previous expansions, been in development for as long if not longer than most full fledged sequels, and carries forward the RPG/RTS hybrid.

I haven't gotten on the SpellForce train yet, but it does seem like the kind of game that would be up my alley. Odd as it may seem though, there's something a little intimidating about stepping into the back end of a game that's been kicking around since the Bush Administration. I'm inclined to simply wait for a full sequel, though that feels a bit like someone saying they'll wait until George R.R. Martin finished the Game of Thrones series before they read it.

Oh. Ok. Hope you packed a lunch.

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