January 27 - February 3
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Last week I ran Tomb Raider through the ringer for being a badly managed project, but as the "Definitive Edition" arrives for the-consoles-formerly-known-as-Next-Gen I think it's also worth reminding everyone that from a game perspective, Tomb Raider was outstanding. While it clearly took the game far too long to get into a profitable state, I am glad that the people responsible for actually building and designing the game stand to hopefully make some money off the project. At least, I hope that's the case.

This week's Game of the Week, though, has to go to Broken Age: Part 1. Out of all the various high profile games kickstarted in 2011 & 2012, Broken Age was not one that I found myself worrying a lot about. I have a lot of confidence in Double Fine to deliver on its promises, and though not every game they've released has ended up being a storied classic for the ages, I also have the sense that there's enough games industry experience in that building to be pretty well equipped for the ups and downs of development.

The result appears to be at least everything people had hoped it might be, though I have to admit I haven't actually taken the plunge yet. I'm saving Broken Age for some period where I'm not distracted by four other games, and when it comes to these serialized franchises that's even easier to do.

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