A Congregation of People
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I stand in the middle of the large room, an entire spectrum of lights above me illuminating the stage and the crowd gathered before it, leaving the rest of the room engulfed in shadow and darkness. Normally the bass line to the music I listen to is less "thumping" and more "artillery fire." Melodies like the cry of some banshee/siren hybrid combine with a torrent of molten claws of the flame dragon some might call a "rhythm guitar." Yet on this day I stand behind the crowd, nodding my head in time to an 8-bit beat inspired by Carl Sagan's awe and wonder of the cosmos.

"Awesome Force is pretty badass," I think to myself so, so eloquently.

A swirl of neon-light catches my eye, as to the right another patron of the chiptune arts begins swirling what I could only think to call "rave batons." In the darkness of the room, they glow, drawing circles and other smooth, rounded shapes as the bearer twirls and spins them, cutting into the dark. I turn to my left and notice a young male who seems capable of turning his bone to mush, his limbs wavering and flowing about him in a dance I decide is called "Doing the Liquid Snake." Before me, meanwhile, in front of the stage, a mosh pit is forming.

Moshers, ravers, dancers, and me, a simple head-banger whose musical preferences are often inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and lengthy campaigns of Dungeons and Dragons. A broad spectrum of sex, sexuality, gender, and ethnicity is here assembled to rock out.

I smile to myself and nod, not just to the thumping beat of the music, but to the unification of so many different people, lifestyles, cultures, philosophies and histories in one hotel. At this moment, MAGFest is a testament to just how amazing it is to be a fortunate member of the video gaming community.

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