February 10 - February 16
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Square Enix has certainly been busy of late. On the heels of last week's, critically well-received Bravely Default, they hit the bigger consoles this week with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Before I talk about that, I feel like I should follow up on my promise last week to buy and play Bravely Default. My legacy with modern JRPGs is well documented and punctuated primarily by a sense of confusion masked as disdain. And, my more recent efforts to break through the boundaries of comprehension and mutual understanding usually met with disastrous results, most notably with The World Ends With You.

So, it may come as some surprise to hear that I'm generally enjoying Bravely Default. I'll talk more about it on the podcast this week, and there are certainly elements of this game that make me wince in cultural dissonance, but I'm a solid six hours into the game (read: I've finished the tutorial and actually started the game proper) and it's still holding my attention fairly well.

As for Lightning Returns, apparently this is the third major release in the Final Fantasy XIII universe. I glanced at a wiki for the backstory of the game, and I have no idea what I just read. Something about crystals, and merged worlds and a bunch of gods and goddesses that generally sound like jerks. Then I watched a trailer for it, and it ended with a tiny yellow bird pecking at some warrior looking guy's face as comical music played in the background.

I'm still going to give it game of the week, anyway.

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