February 17 - February 23
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Arguably, if you were to measure a console's success by the length of time between its launch and the final retail release of its last game, then the Dreamcast is the most successful console of all time. With this week's release of Neo XYX, Sega's final console clocks in at roughly 15 years of new releases. I realize it's a stretch, but I find it entertaining anyway.

This week's actual Game of the Week though is Earth Defense Force 2025. I actually know virtually nothing about this game, except that it seems to have been brought up in the comments for the past four or five Week Ahead articles, so I'm assuming that at least for some of you it's a pretty big deal. But seriously, look at that screenshot. I don't even know what to say about that.

Also releasing this week is Banished for the PC, which is an interesting city builder in a colonial period setting where a group of settlers banished from their homeland have to build shelter and civilization out of the most basic materials. The game appears to be brutally hard, and it seems pretty easy to recreate your own Lost-Colony-of-Roanoke kind of scenario.

Otherwise, a relatively quiet week, with some pretty significant releases finally perched just on the horizon.

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