Should I try The Elder Scrolls Online?
Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 21 February 2014, 6:54 am
There is a number of new MMORPGs coming out, and I think I will buy both Wildstar and Everquest Next. That is not to say that I plan to spend years in those games, but at least I will buy the initial box and play the first month to then decide how much I like them. For The Elder Scrolls Online I am not so sure. I am reading reviews like this one from Clockwork, and they make me want to give the game a miss. Even the fans of TESO are making me want to not play the game, for example when I see how some flew into a rage and completely misrepresented my rather neutral post on the tutorial and starting area of the game. Up to now I have seen A) negative reviews and B) fans attacking those negative reviews, but I haven't seen a detailed and positive review yet.

My experience with TESO is limited to reading reviews, seeing screenshots, and a few YouTube videos. Personally I prefer the cartoony WoW / Wildstar style of graphics to the "let's keep the game in grey and brown tones" of games like EQ2 and TESO. The graphical style also tends to affect the user interface, for example Clockwork talks about TESO missing the floating numbers to indicate damage: Those floating numbers fit much better into a comic look than into graphics that aspire to be photo-realistic.

But ultimately I am most concerned with gameplay. And with a MMORPG my prime concern is always the combat system, because you spend so much time doing combat. The combat system was the prime reason why I didn't play that much LotRO, in spite of having paid for a lifetime subscription. I loved playing a hobbit in the Shire, but I hated that combat system where you pushed buttons and then waited for things to happen much later. That is not related to whether a combat system is twitchy and full of action, but simply to how involved you feel with combat when there is an immediate reaction of the game to your key press. So when I read that this is a problem with TESO, that could be the deciding factor not to buy the game.

I would be grateful if somebody you post a link here in the comments (Pro tip: Use HTML tags in the comment to turn the URL into a clickable link) to a detailed and positive review of The Elder Scrolls Online. I am more than aware of the negative things said about the game and would like to see the positive sides described in more detail before I make a final decision.
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