July 14 - July 20
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Once again the big man himself, Sean "The Splugorth" Sands, vacates the offices just in time to leave a rather quiet, uneventful week in the lap of some poor shmuck with too much time on their hands. (In other words: me.)

There's not a lot to work with this week, especially having to dig into some of the less-than-stellar sources of information that are not always accurate. If the Internet is to be believed, Saint's Row IV: National Treasure Edition either comes out this week, was already released last week, or simply does not exist.

You know what does exist? Abyss Odyssey, my pick for Game of the Week. For some, the title will be noteworthy as being developed by the same folks that brought you Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash, but for me it's the fact that the game is being published by Atlus. That typically means that the game is set apart from its competitors by doing something quirky, different, interesting, or any combination of those three.

If you like the idea of plunging into the depths of the Earth as a warlock's nightmares become reality, where the enemies you encounter have in-depth move sets and the game's state changes based on how well the community has fought against the mask of the warlock, then Abyss Odyssey is probably a game worth your attention. Personally, they had me with a character named "Ghost Monk."

As for last week, if you're wondering what you might have missed while we traveled back through time twenty years, it turns out the final episode of The Wolf Among Us came out. Otherwise, you just missed out on some other platform rereleases for Another World and One Piece: Unlimited World Red. So a typically slow July.

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