Long War Diaries: The Operatives
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This article is part of a series on the "Long War" mod for XCOM: Enemy Within. You can read Part One and Part Two at Polygon.

"Long War" and I are on a break.

My war against the aliens is dragging on, but I am slowly making progress. By accumulating new scientists and engineers, I've been able to advance the research and development of new weapons and armor, and my genetic-engineering and mech-building facilities are currently under construction.

I'm still having trouble keeping high-ranking squad members healthy and available, but I will soon have advanced beam weapons, improved fighter-plane capabilities and a slew of other soldier and equipment upgrades. If I can hold on for just another month, I suspect the tide will turn in my favor. But it will be a long, torturous month.

A big part of that torture is EXALT — the enemy humans who sympathize with the invading aliens. I've located the EXALT base. I have deployed a squad to destroy it. I have failed. I have failed seven times. I am being broken.

And so: I'm on a break.

Which makes this a perfect time to take a few steps back and share with you the highlights of my murderous assault on EXALT, so that you may know and understand exactly why, when it comes to EXALT, I don't want to merely win. I want to decisively end them.

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